Location Efficiency Score

Location efficiency refers to the effect of a facility’s location on travel behavior and related environmental impacts such as GHG emissions from vehicles. While not included in Executive Order B-18-12, employee commuting is nonetheless a significant component of State facilities’ environmental footprint, so location efficiency should be considered alongside energy and water efficiency as a core attribute of any green building.

The U.S. General Services Administration’s Smart Location Calculator (SLC) provides a measure of location efficiency that reflects the efficiency of a location for employee commuting. The 0 - 100 score is a composite number which takes into account factors including a site’s accessibility via transit, biking and walking; regional mode share and demographics; the mix of uses in the surrounding neighborhood; and others. A score of 0 indicates the least efficient locations within a given region — likely to generate more vehicle travel and related emissions — and a score of 100 indicates the most efficient sites within a given region, likely to generate significantly less vehicle travel and related emissions as compared to the surrounding region.