Department Of Fair Employment And Housing (DFEH)

The mission of the Department of Fair Employment and Housing is to protect Californians from employment, housing and public accommodation discrimination, and hate violence. The DFEH is the largest state civil rights agency in the country. It was established by the Legislature in 1959 as the Division of Fair Employment Practices and was initially part of the Department of Industrial Relations. In 1980, the DFEH was established as an independent department charged with enforcing California's comprehensive employment, housing, public accommodations and public service non-discrimination laws, as well as the State's bias-related hate violence law.

Reported EPP Spend vary by year. Best representation of actual improvement is when your departments’ reported EPP Spend is more than the non EPP Spend. For comparison, total statewide Spend is 828,057,433 dollars and total reported EPP Spend is 533,454,610 dollars. Data Table 1

Source: Financial Information System of California (FI$CAL) State Contract and Procurement Registry System (SCPRS)

This graph represents environmentally preferable purchases of goods and services that have been acquired through a noncompliant EPP purchasing method. Department Of Fair Employment And Housing (DFEH) had an opportunity to procure these same goods and services through an EPP compliant statewide commodity contract that will assist in increasing their goals. Look to the Buying Green Guide to find these goods and services contracts.

Statewide EPP Spend vary by year. Total state EPP Spend increased by more than 20 percent in 2017-2018. Data Table 2

Source: FI$CAL

This graph represents Department Of Fair Employment And Housing (DFEH)'s progress towards increasing EPP Spend. Departments can look to DGS EPP designated contracts for green commodities, DGS purchasing standards and recognize third-party certifications in their solicitations to achieve a green buy. To access these documents go to the Buying Green Guide.